Initital Bankruptcy Consultation

Initital Bankruptcy Consultation

Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

Scheduling your consultation

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Any consultation during regular business hours is free of charge and will usually run 1-2 hours. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged in advance.

Preparing for your initial consultation

There are a number of documents you will be required to bring to your consultation. It is imperative to review these documents prior to filing bankruptcy to determine which chapter of bankruptcy you are eligible to file and if there are any defects in the documents, such as improperly notarized mortgages or liens. Below is a list of basic documents we require you to bring for the initial free consultation:

  1. Contracts for mortgages or loans such as auto loans
  2. Coupons books or monthly invoices for loans
  3. Most recent billing statement or invoice from each creditor you intend to file on
  4. Copies of any income you receive other than wages: (SSI, pension, unemployment, disability, etc.)
  5. Letters from collection agencies
  6. Current pay stubs from each employer covering the last 60-90 days
  7. Vehicle Titles or Memorandum Titles to vehicles
  8. Tax returns, W-2’s and 1099’s from the last two years
  9. Copy of any judgment or lawsuit filed against you
  10. Copy of your Social Security card and driver’s license or photo ID
  11. Copy of recent bank statement(s)
  12. Recorded copies of your current Mortgage(s), Deed, and the “signed Note” (You may need to go to your county’s Recorder’s Office to obtain the official copies if the material is not available on the internet or contact your mortgage company for copies of these documents.)

Failing to bring any of these documents could lead to a delay in processing your case.

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