Do’s and don’ts for healthy and effective co-parenting

Ending a marriage can be devastating for spouses, but even more so for their children. Having a healthy co-parenting relationship after divorce or separation means putting conflict aside in the best interests of your kids. Achieving that goal will require a lot of patience, empathy and a commitment to open communication. Being on the same […]

5 things to know before filing for divorce

A divorce is the split of two people about to embark on the path toward separate lives. It is the breakaway from a foundation that you and your spouse built together. Now, that foundation will no longer exist. You have moved out of the house with every intention of filing for divorce. Now you must […]

Changing child custody in Ohio: What are the rules?

Splitting time with your child with your ex can be challenging. And just when you have adjusted to a new normal, things can change, and you may need to make another custodial transition with a modification. Custody modification is something many parents must navigate at some point. It involves changing an original child custody order […]