What Happens at a Bankruptcy Hearing?

Even those who may have some familiarity with bankruptcy and what it can accomplish may not know what bankruptcy proceedings actually look like. As the bankruptcy filer, will you be expected in court to appear before the bankruptcy judge? Are court proceedings formal? Will you need to speak to them? The unknown can be stressful […]

How Many Times Can You File for Bankruptcy in Ohio?

Bankruptcy can provide much-needed relief to those who find themselves in a financial struggle. Post-bankruptcy can feel like a fresh start for a brighter financial future. What happens, however, if you find yourself in financial struggle once again? Life can get complicated and expensive. There is no guarantee that life after bankruptcy will be free from […]

Eliminate Your Second Mortgage in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Can Chapter 13 bankruptcy help me to get rid of my second mortgage? Ohio home prices have risen significantly since the housing crisis, but remain lower in most areas than the peaks reached in 2006 and 2007.  The Ohio foreclosure rate is above the national average, with many homeowners underwater or struggling to maintain their […]

You Can Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

What steps can I take to rebuild my credit after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but concerned about your credit score, we have good news for you—by taking some simple steps, you can start rebuilding your credit immediately after declaring bankruptcy.  You can rapidly return your credit […]

How can I improve my credit score after bankruptcy?

One of the biggest concerns we here from people when they are considering filing for bankruptcy is whether they will ever be able to borrow money again. For a lot of people considering bankruptcy, they’ve worked hard to build a great credit score and are reluctant to let that go despite their struggle to keep […]

UPDATE: Department of Education Issues New Statement on Student Loan Debts

What is the updated ‘undue hardship’ standard as published by the Department of Education in July, 2015? With student loan debt crippling the nation, it is understandable that thousands of graduates are considering their options in bankruptcy. Historically, student loans were not considered a dischargeable debt in bankruptcy absent a showing of extreme undue hardship, which was […]

Supreme Court Expands Bankruptcy Court Powers

Can bankruptcy judges determine lawsuits that are related to the bankruptcy proceeding? The Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, recently held that parties in bankruptcy proceedings can consent to allowing a bankruptcy judge to decide their related cases. The ruling arises out of a case where a nutritional supplement distributor sued for breach of contract but […]