Can I Contest an OVI Charge in Ohio?

You got an OVI charge in Ohio, and now you’re wondering if you can fight the charges by contesting them. Learn about whether or not this is possible and why it’s important to contact an OVI attorney at this time.

Can I Contest the OVI Charge?

Yes, you absolutely can contest your OVI charge in Ohio. If you simply plead guilty, you could be subject to big fines, time behind bars, and other consequences. You also won’t be able to look at the evidence against you. Once you plead guilty, that’s it – you can’t reverse the decision. It’s always worth it to fight with the help of an OVI attorney in Ohio.

Contesting Your OVI

You shouldn’t contest your OVI on your own because you aren’t familiar with the legal processes. Instead, call an OVI attorney to guide you. They will let you know what’s going to happen, the possible consequences you face, and how to answer questions in a court of law. They can also review your arrest and evidence and figure out if you have a way to get out of these charges. For example, perhaps the police did not legally search you when you were charged with an OVI. Only an experienced expert, like an OVI attorney, would know the ins and outs of the laws and be able to assist you at this critical time. There is just too much on the line to plead guilty or contest it yourself.

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