How Can an Ohio Attorney Help Me With an OVI Charge?

Operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) can lead to serious consequences, including time behind bars, large fines, and the suspension of your license. If you are convicted of this crime, it could disrupt your life for years to come.

Here’s how an Ohio attorney can assist you if you’ve been charged with an OVI.

They Will Advise You on What to Do

An Ohio attorney is going to tell you not to reveal anything to the police or prosecutor. They will also make sure you write down everything you remember that happened during your arrest, including whether or not the police read you your Miranda rights. Perhaps they searched you without a search warrant. Your attorney will give you the right advice on how to proceed without getting you into more trouble.

They’ll Assist You With Collecting Evidence

The prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty of driving while impaired. If they can’t, then they won’t have a strong case. Your attorney will help you collect evidence and let you know what proof you need to strengthen your side of the story.

They Will Help You Decide if You Should Take a Plea Bargain

Your attorney will explain what a plea bargain is and how it could be beneficial to you. Most criminal cases end in a plea bargain, where you plead guilty or no contest in exchange for reduced charges. Your attorney may also talk about fighting the charges and going to court. It all depends on your situation.

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