Will I Receive an OVI Charge in Ohio if I Refuse a Sobriety Test?

If you get pulled over by the police because they suspect you were driving drunk, they may tell you to take a field sobriety test. This could mean walking in a straight line or doing a Breathalyzer test. What are you supposed to do? If you don’t do these tests, will you get charged with an OVI?

Find out the answers so you can protect yourself should you get pulled over.

Do You Have to Take a Sobriety Test?

You may think that you’ll face consequences for not taking a field sobriety test. However, you cannot be charged with an OVI if you refuse one of these. Even if you’re sober, it’s hard to pass a field sobriety test; they don’t really establish whether or not someone has been drinking or taking drugs. Police use sobriety tests to try to build a case against you, so you should refuse to take them.

Do You Have to Do Chemical Testing?

While you don’t need to do field sobriety testing, you will need to do chemical testing if you are lawfully arrested for an OVI. Or, you could face charges. However, there are ways to fight the results of a chemical test. For instance, maybe the technician who administered it was not properly trained, or you had a rising blood alcohol content by the time you got tested. Your best course of action is to call a lawyer for help at this time.

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