What Details Are Considered in an Ohio Assault Case?

Assault is a serious crime that can result in time behind bars as well as fines in Ohio. If you’ve been charged with assault and are facing a conviction, then it’s crucial to learn about the details of an Ohio assault case. You should also look into hiring a lawyer to help you so that you have the best chance possible of getting your charges reduced – or perhaps even dropped altogether. Here’s some more information.

Was the Assault Actually Self-Defense?

The prosecutor is going to look at whether or not the alleged assault was actually self-defense. Was somebody attacking you or someone else, and you stepped in in an act of self-defense? Did you act with proper force as well? For instance, if someone was threatening to punch you and you took out a gun and shot them, that’s not legitimate self-defense. But if you walked away from the situation or held up your fists and punched them first, you may not be charged with assault.

Was the Assault an Accident?

Let’s say you accidentally assaulted someone. You could still face punishment, but it’s not the same as recklessly or knowingly assaulting somebody. For instance, maybe someone was threatening to kick you, and in self-defense, you accidentally punched an innocent bystander instead.

Was There Consent?

If you were accused of sexual assault, consent could be a defense. If someone gave you permission to touch them and then turned around and said they never gave consent, and it was actually assault, you might not be guilty of anything.

No matter what the details of your case are, it’s important to call a criminal lawyer who can help you fight these assault charges.

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